How do we measure impact?

We gather feedback after every learning event and coaching engagement and provide this back to you in report form so you can see the direct impact and return of the learning investment. As part of this project we will work with you to clarify what the measures of success will be for this engagement. Some typical measures for similar projects have included items such as:

  • Pre-program Benchmarking to assess current levels of skills, competencies and confidence specifically addressed in the learning programs, with a post-program follow up survey to measure shift and impact.
  • Post-session evaluations to measure the impact and effectiveness that the learning has had on day-to-day challenges (quantitative + qualitative).
  • Observable increase in team workability, productivity, performance and trust levels.
  • Team utilizing new perspectives, mindsets and tools effectively.
  • Enhanced communication and influence.

Our Impact

facilitator effectiveness
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would attend another session
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overall value of the learning
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* based on actual client data (2016-2019)

Why work with us?

for you, with you

We make an immediate impact on your people in a way that’s observable and measurable.

Our client partners use words such as ’solid’, ‘reliable’ and ’trustworthy’ to describe who we are for them. We’re a low risk, high value investment in your people and culture. This is particularly important for smaller companies who don’t have the people resources to deliver the depth of programming that we can offer them.

We invest a lot of time understanding your culture, needs and dynamics so we can adapt our programs to be relevant for your specific situations.

We spend time with your key leaders up front (often interviewing everyone on the executive team) in order to understand the nuance of your business, context and people. We have your interests in mind, always.

Since we started our business more than 15 years ago, we have grown organically through referrals by current and former clients.

  • We have a proven ability to add high value – whether it’s by coaching a wide variety of different personalities or bringing a team to a new level of interaction.
  • Our programs rock! Excellent facilitation along with relevant content using proven experiential learning.That’s a powerful equation.
  • All programs are geared to be sustainable, leveraged learning which means they will be valuable long after the workshop/event is over.
  • Our programs and coaching have an immediate impact and move people from judgement to understanding very quickly. From a place of ‘lock down’ to a place of being more ‘open’ to possibilities that they could not previously see.
  • We have a highly experienced, global network of masterful coaches, facilitators and experts in place to serve your people wherever they may be.
  • This allows us to bring consistency in your learning and team development across regions. For example, your sales office in New York City is learning the same concepts as your engineering division in Beijing.
  • We match our experts to the specific needs of the client based on location, industry, style, culture etc. We provide ‘great fit’ resources.
  • Our clients come to us first. Even if we don’t have the solution for you, we will help you find and vet other resources. We are your trusted partners.

Typical program outcomes include:

  • Increased number of team members sharing same ‘language’ allowing for easier communication throughout company.

  • An environment that fosters accelerated growth and performance.

  • Increased company loyalty and retention at all levels as Leaders and Managers model the behavior expected of all colleagues.

  • Big producers will continue to drive towards high performance as they understand the value of empathy in moving from force to influence.

  • Great ‘people managers’ will continue to support these relationships as they develop managerial courage to hold people more accountable to performance goals.

  • Rising Managers and Leaders with healthy mindsets, improved skills and confidence to influence others more effectively leading to both improved outcomes and stronger team culture.

  • People managers equipped and confident in using new frameworks to hold their direct reports rigorously accountable to performance while they strengthen and support their relationships with them.