We believe...

How we partner with you

… people are not “Human Capital” or “Human Assets”, but instead are the engine that creates new and innovative solutions that positively impact your company and keep it relevant in a fast-moving world

… all challenges have solutions and the degree in which you empower and motivate your people, will directly impact how they create these solutions

… the financial success of your company is directly related to the level of engagement of your people

… the level of engagement is significantly affected by people’s day-to-day experiences at work

… these experiences are driven by the ability of your leaders to empower, engage, envision and execute, and the ability of your managers to hold people rigorously accountable to achieving performance outcomes while providing empathetic understanding to nurture and develop these relationships

 … experiences are directly impacted by how, what and why someone communicates with someone else

… effective communication goes beyond the preferred communication of the speaker and instead considers the way the listener wants to receive the information, ensuring the message is received and understood with the intention for which it was delivered

… this leads to better understanding, accountability and empathy which impacts the level of trust between people

… trust is built when people feel understood, cared for, empowered and invested in

… therefore, an investment in the development of your people will directly lead to increased financial health and well-being of your company

… a healthy company has the resources to make a positive impact on the world.

We have a four-win strategy

We measure our programs by the impact and value they create. Our client partners get access to a masterful network of experts who provide innovative and pragmatic programs that are not mired in clever theory or conceptual models but provide mindsets, tools and simple models that will be used right away to add immediate impact. What good is a very creative but conceptual model if it is too complex or not practical enough to actually be used? We become our clients’ trusted partner and get to know their business quickly, customizing our programs to be relevant for them.

Our partnership with SAVIA has worked so well because of the trust we have built with one another. Their ability to adapt and be flexible based on our needs, their interest in understanding the business/context and the people behind the leadership and their proven ability to successfully coach a wide variety of personalities and facilitate meaningful workshops with a mix of relevant content and experiential learning, has made an enormous difference to our organization.

Have you ever met someone who truly loves what they do and the positive human impact it makes? That is a perfect description of our team of facilitators, trainers, coaches and Organizational Design experts. They win because they get to bring their magic to our clients within a supportive and positive environment, knowing their work is meaningful and impactful.

I love my relationship with SAVIA! It’s all good, fun and rewarding when there is a great leader to follow as well as think and work alongside some very talented and cool people!

By supporting companies that practice a triple bottom line model of conscious business practices, we empower those that are positively impacting the world in the domains of people, planet and profits.

Hi Mike, I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for the amazing presentation you did for the managers. It was very powerful and meaningful on both a personal and professional level. Thanks again for all your insight and guidance. It was an amazing training and I look forward to reading your book!

Our vision has always been to be a small company making a big impact on the world. By walking our talk in all aspects of our business and our lives, we model that which we teach to others to create a better world.

Every day is a gift and time is your most precious currency. Where are you spending yours?

Client approach

How we partner with you

At SAVIA Leadership, we are passionate about creating trusted partnerships with companies to help them identify and solve their most difficult people challenges. We deliver high-touch, high-impact leadership development programs that help individuals and teams like yours transform the way they communicate so they work more effectively together and tackle your most ambitious goals from a position of alignment and synergy.

We support your leaders and their teams to eliminate drama, build trust, and create high performing, conscious and collaborative cultures. Using leading neuroscience tools, we equip them to articulate needs, clarify commitments, and navigate difficult conversations as they move from judgment to understanding. Our simple and powerful framework for influence makes collaboration clearer and more authentic and allows each individual to bring their highest and best selves to the table, improving problem solving and moving the conversation towards integration.

The building blocks



Experience greater awareness of key issues or patterns that are causing counter-productive dynamics at work. Without awareness of our ‘unconscious’ behaviors and the impact they are having, we have no access to change them. Where drama ends, more space for energy, creativity, and connection is created.



Trust is what allows people to stop protecting their own self-interests and start connecting to find a win-win solution, creating a culture of inquiry, innovation and candor. When you are in a safe, trusting space, you have the freedom to explore, take risks, play and uncover things that can shift perspective and broaden horizons.


Problem Solving and Integration

We teach people practical tools and techniques so that they first seek understanding of the other side’s challenges and needs and then problem solve together using creative solutions to achieve ALL of their goals. We believe this win/win outcome is achieved with what we call INTEGRATION STRATEGY. We think it is powerful enough to change the world, and it's at the heart of everything we teach.


High Performance

We teach leaders to PLAY BIGGER! These mindsets open the possibility for leaders and teams to operate in their zones of genius, maximizing creativity and innovation as they drive towards unprecedented business results and personal satisfaction. Increasing your ability to influence (rather than force) others towards these results is key so you are not achieving these outcomes at the expense of your people or culture.



Much of our work has a foundation based in neuroscience. Our preferred instrument is the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®). How someone thinks, creates the lens from which they interact with the world. The HBDI® teaches you how to communicate more effectively with those who think the same as you as well as those who think very differently than you. Once an individual understands his or her thinking style preferences, the door is open to improved teamwork, leadership, customer relationships, creativity, problem solving, and other aspects of personal and interpersonal development.

The HBDI® does this by improving people’s ability to:
● Think in a more thorough, whole brain way
● Think proactivity, considering many perspectives
● Think outside the box in new and different ways
● Understand and value the way others think
● Move from judgment (fear based) to understanding (trust based)

CONTACT US to learn more about how we apply our Philosophy and utilize our Neuroscience Tools so you experience pragmatic and impactful results.